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Cranwood offers a pre-finishing service including lacquering to a matt, gloss, mid-sheen or full-sheen finish, or priming.  This means customers can have their doors, skirting and architrave pre-finished to exactly the same colour and finish to enhance the overall look of the timber in any space.

For more information on the coating services Cranwood can offer, view the details below.

AC Lacquers


  • The dry finish remains hard
  • High resistance to water, beverages and food
  • Can be used in cold temperatures
  • Coating is clear
  • Enhances the natural beauty of wood
  • Unlike varnish it does not ‘yellow’ over time
  • The sprayed finish coats all 4 sides of wood before fitting, something which can’t be done while painting, this also helps against timber shrinkage
  • Can be used on all internal timber – hardwood & softwood
  • Includes a hardener to further protect the timber



  • Water based product which can be over coated
  • Thick, strong, solid content
  • Coated all round – back and front for protection against damp floors and walls*
  • Easily sanded as the primer solids raise the fibres in the timber
  • Quick drying time hence quick turn around
  • Ready to fit, no expensive labour costs
  • Helps to prevent splits in timber before going to site
  • Anti-bleed in all primers to help reduce visual impact of natural knots showing through

Medicote – Antibacterial System


  • Medicote is an anti-bacterial lacquer that stops bacteria surviving on its surface, it will prevent the spread of MRSA, E.coli and food poisoning with a kill rate of 99% within 24 hours. It will also prevent the risk of deterioration, de-colouration and odours caused by microorganisms
  • Available completely finished in any colour – lasts for the lifetime of the timber
  • Used in; Hospitals, Schools, Canteens, Libraries, Shops

Teknos 2600 – Aquaseal System


  • Thicker than standard – 3 coats applied – 150 microns per coat
  • Microporous allowing timber to breathe and also allowing paint to move with the timber
  • Resistant to bacterial mould and UV attack
  • Forms a thick flexible film thickness
  • Water based product, coated all round – back and front*
  • Prevents discolouration for up to 5 years

Fire Protection


  • Fully tested and certified to BS476 Class O & Euro Class B.
  • Will not leach, is colourless and odourless, nontoxic and solvent free.
  • Flametec performs by rapidly converting timber to carbon when subjected to a flame or high intensity heat source.
  • Unlike other fire protections, over coating is possible
  • For both internal and external use

Colour Range


  • Any colour available to match BS Numbers or RAL Numbers (Colour Codes).