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Whether you want to extend your outdoor living space or to enclose your garden area, Cranwood provides a range of decking, fencing and cladding products that will help you achieve the look you want.


Timber decking can expand the home and extend your outdoor living area. Timber decking can be built in almost any size or shape which means that it can suit all tastes and budgets. Cranwood can provide a full range of timber decking and components in both hardwood and softwood timber.


Whether you are enclosing your whole garden or segregating a small area for a particular reason, our range of fencing products and accessories are ideal. We also stock the full range of round and square decorative posts, D rail, S rail, beveled and round top fencing boards.

Composite Decking and Cladding

Composite decking and cladding are manufactured using a high density wood and plastic mix which creates a revolutionary improved and user-friendly material that outperforms traditional wood or plastic materials.

Saving You Time & Money… The composite material requires neither sealing nor staining and therefore saves you time and money from the very start. And because of the revolutionary processes involved in creating this composite material, your decking or cladding are guaranteed to be free from the typical problems which can accompany conventional timber decking or cladding e.g. warping, splitting or decay, meaning no need for repairs or high maintenance schedules.

We can also supply the full range of composite accessories to match your chosen deck to ensure you enjoy your outdoor living experience to the full.

Our composite decking is available in a range of colours and in both hollow or solid construction.

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