Lunawood Thermowood

Our Thermowood is produced by the Finnish company Oy Lunawood Ltd, who are one of the world’s leading producers of Thermowood. Lunawood products are thermally modified using only natural methods, heat and steam. Lunawood is most known for its dimensional stability, durability and sustainable nature. It doesn’t require surface treatments, which makes it an ecological choice throughout its life cycle. Wherever Lunawood ThermoWood® is used, it brings Nordic luxury and a natural feel to the space.

Production Process

Thermowood is produced by heat treating selected Scandinavian Redwood (Pinus sylvestris). Lunawood use Northern Scandinavian Redwood that is conditioned in a unique continuous kilning process, heating the timber to 212° Celsius whilst protecting it with steam. This thermal process enhances the chemical and physical properties of the timber providing many benefits. In external applications (BS EN 335 Use Class 3) Lunawood meets the requirements of Durability Class 2 (BS EN 350).

After thermal modification the timber becomes naturally durable making it suitable for use as cladding, decking or other outdoor applications, without the need for toxic chemical preservative treatment. Thermal modification can also be applied to other timber species.

Our Thermowood (Lunawood) is recognised by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) which endorses a 30 year service life when used for cladding and decking.

Lunawood is also certified with the European Standard CE mark ensuring it meets EU consumer safety, health and environmental requirements.


  • Dimension Stability – Significantly improved dimensional stability. Lunawood retains its original shape better than untreated wood.
  • Low Maintenance – Lunawood does not require surface treatment in any climate. When left untreated, it gradually develops a beautiful silver colour.
  • Sustainable Throughout – Certified Nordic raw materialfrom nearby forests. Lunawood acts as a carbon storage and is 100% recyclable.
  • Pure Material – Truly natural product with no chemicals. No harmful indoor air emissions or resin leakage, even at the highest temperatures.


Lunawood Thermowood Brochure

Lunawood Thermowood Guidelines

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