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Timber Info


Huge range of sawn timbers available…

We work hard to ensure that we maintain a comprehensive stock of sawn timbers so that we can fulfil our customers’ needs.  We consistently stock the most popular species and are able to source other species on demand.  With a large range of hardwoods and softwoods in stock at all times, we are confident that we can assist you with your project requirements at any time. As timber is a natural product, this may cause variations in the colour and size of the product.

Cranwood can supply a range of timbers, shown below, to your specification.

Click on each timber type for further technical data.

Click on each timber type for further technical data.

Click here for our Timber Cladding Brochure.


The classifications quoted refer to the resistance to fungal decay of the heartwood of the species only. The sapwood of most species is not durable or slightly durable and should not be used in exposed situations without preservative treatment. Five natural durability to wood-destroying fungi classes are recognised in BS EN 350-1 Guide to the principles of testing and classification of the natural durability of wood:

Durability Class Designation Timber Life
Class 1 Very Durable 25+ Years
Class 2 Durable 15 – 25 years
Class 3 Moderately Durable 10 – 15 years
Class 4 Slightly Durable 5 – 10 years
Class 5 Not Durable 0 – 5 years

The classifications in this sheet are those given in BS EN 350-1 for the timbers included.

Insect attack is generally of less significance in the UK. Information on the resistance of some timbers to insect and marine borer attack is given in BS EN 350-2 Guide to natural durability and treatability of selected wood species of importance in Europe.